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Bernard measures success not only by his skill in computer technology and photography, but also by his philanthropic and volunteer work.

  He started working with computers in the 9th grade and developed his skills to such an extent that he was able to help others with computer problems. He was in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program at North County High School, Glen Burnie, MD. His talents now include Web design, Photoshop, Lighting work and Coding (Java, C++, and HTML).

  In the 10th grade, he discovered the DSLR camera and developed skills in photography. His first DSLR was the Nikon D3000. From that point he went on to be a master of photography, as that was his dream. He says that he is definitely skilled at taking photos that are less than perfect and turn them into works of art using computer- aided tools to make them unique. And he says being a photographer does not mean you have to be good at taking photos.

  Also he was a part of Kiwanis Educated Youth (KEY) Club International which began his service career. It inspired him to do things for others. He then became a member of Jeremy Cowart's Help Portrait, a global movement of photographers, which began his career of giving back to those in need.

  For his education, Bernard is attending college for Business and Photography. He hopes to one day be a successful entrepreneur and make a living not only helping himself, but helping others. Bernard really is passionate about his code of ethics in life, and does not ask for anything in return. A part of life is helping others; and you can begin by just giving a warm smile to everyone you interact with.

  Bernard started a career with a Fortune 50 company at the end of 2013. He was positioned in sales, performing and excelling on the sales floor. He has been rewarded for being a top performer and consecutively holds records for metrics in his performance. Moved everywhere from the Mobile world, to being one of the Microsoft leaders, and Advance Repair in this 50 billion dollar company.

  Currently, Bernard is the CEO of BMD Studios which is a company to benefit other businesses and consumers in website building, marketing, support and training. 

 This is his life outline, and this is only the beginning.


Perspective & Experience

Rely on me to help exceed your client's expectations. If you need help with any kind of business, or technical support, look no further. 

Ask me about how I can help with:

  • Business Management 
  • Web Development
  • IT Solutions (Operations & Management)
  • IT Support & Maintenance 
  • Hardware Repair

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Bernard M. Dimeler

Mail: 6710F Ritchie Hwy STE 425, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061, United States

(443) 360-5220

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